now your colors sing

Trio for clarinet, cello, & piano (Chamber Art Soloists)
CRS 8219 (LP), 1983

Black Magic/White Magic (Orchestra 2001)
Dreamlight (André Emelianoff and Ensemble)
Morning Star • Bronze Music (J. Freeman and C. Abramovic)
American Academy of Arts and Letters Award Recording CRI 642, 1993
Program Notes:

Morning Star (Elson-Swarthout Duo)
Laurel LR 859CD, 1996

in dark (three poems of the night) (Carmen Pelton, Orchestra 2001)
Poems by Robert Lax and Nanine Valen
CRI 760 (CD), 1997

in dark (three poems of the night) (Eastman Musica Nova)
Albany Troy 277, 1999

For the Morning of the World • Chant des rochers • Time and the Bell (Orchestra 2001)
Albany Troy 742, 2005

At the Still Point of the Turning World • There the Dance Is (Network for New Music)
Albany Troy 838, 2006

Bronze Music • Mountain Light (Jordan Winds of the New England Conservatory)
Albany Troy 913, 2007

Chant des rochers (Orchestra 2001)
CRI 847 (CD), 2007

Duo (Winds of Light) • Trio • Consolation • Ragamalika • Here of amazing most now
(Marcantonio Barone, piano; Orchestra 2001, et al)

Albany Troy 936, 2007

Fanfare for Boyd Barnard for two antiphonal trumpets (David Ammer)
“La trompette a renouvelé”
Brassiar Music 5637816571, 2011

Midnight Dream for piano after Thelonius Monk (Emmanuele Arciuli)
“Round Midnight: Homage to Thelonius Monk”
Stradivarius STR 33898, 2011

Odyssey for solo flute (Mimi Stillman)
Odyssey: 11 Premieres for Flute and Piano
Innova 814, 2011

Three Fables for narrator, violin, and cello
Poems by Robert Lax
Avie 2292, 2014